Concerns When Buying A Home: Development

development_lg_copy_1When purchasing a home or property to build on, you may want to know what kind of development that is happening near to the property—and what the potential for future development might be. These factors not only affect your quality of life, but they can adversely affect the current and future value of a property. You will want to know what kind of zoning exists on the property and what kind of zoning and land use regulations apply to nearby properties. This will allow you and your buyer representative to evaluate the restrictions of what can be built in proximity to the property you are interested in, and its potential impact. Here again, a skilled buyer’s broker can assist you in contacting the various appropriate municipal and online resources to obtain the important information outlined above.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to contact the local building and zoning departments to evaluate potential development impacts on nearby properties and to determine what you can and can’t build on a particular property. A buyer’s agent can often point you in the right direction and provide the contact information for the appropriate local agencies.

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Note: The terms “buyer’s broker,” “buyer’s agent,” and “buyer representative” are used interchangeably on this site. All refer to a real estate professional who represents you— the buyer.

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