Home Inspection

Almost every homebuyer will have a home they are planning to buy inspected by a licensed home inspector. This inspection is most always a contingency of the purchase offer. The inspection includes a thorough inspection of the home and its building systems including but not limited to the roof, flashing, windows, doors, plumbing and heating systems, well and septic, etc. Almost all home inspections include a water test to determine if the water is potable if the home is not serviced by municipal system, a septic dye test for homes not on municipal sewer and a radon test. (Provide link to radon info.) Additional inspections that are not covered by a general home inspection may also be conducted by a prospective buyer, such as chimney inspections, pool inspections and more detailed inspections of the septic system, etc.

It is not uncommon for issues to arise during a home inspection related to conditional issues that could not have been known by the buyer upon casual inspection. Some common examples could be a bad radon test, which requires mitigation, a failing septic system, and so on.

Most often an accommodation can be met and the sale can proceed. It does, however, involve additional negotiation that I will assist you with as your real estate agent.

Once inspections are in order you can move on to signing the more formal contract, which is provided most customarily by the seller’s attorney.



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