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You’ve found it! Now what? Nothing upsets buyers more than losing a potential home they’ve become attached to because they didn’t act quickly enough. That’s why I had you get mortgage pre-approval as one of your first steps.

Once you have found the place you’ve been looking for—you need to make an offer to purchase in a timely manner balancing two competing needs:

Take swift action. (Before another buyer does.)
Remain prudent. (Avoid buyer’s remorse.)

The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)

A key service that I will perform for you as your buyer’s broker is in helping you determine market value, which will provide the basis for an offering price. To do this, I will do a detailed CMA.

If you want the seller to accept your offering price—or at the very least engage in a negotiation, the price you offer needs to be backed up with a market analysis. A CMA is very similar to a property appraisal.  Appraisals are done by licensed real estate appraisers and are an opinion of value used by lenders as the basis for determining the amount of the mortgage they are willing to give on home.  The CMAprocedure for arriving at market value is very similar to an appraisal: using comparable properties and adjusting them to the subject property to derive a range of value.

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