Finding Your Home

Finding the right property begins with finding the right buyer’s agent.

Getting to Know You

You need a buyer’s agent who you can connect with; who listens to and understands what you are searching for. This relationship is a result of active listening, attention to nonverbal cues and genuine caring. This process allows you and your buyer’s agent to find not only a house, but the right home, in a community that best reflects your lifestyle. This goes well beyond just meeting your basic needs for shelter.

It is often difficult for buyers to articulate what they are looking for; many times what a buyer initially imagines will bear little resemblance to the home they fall in love with. I can, through careful and thoughtful service, help you better clarify your needs—and find the home that best fulfills your dreams.

monhonksidefinishedThis is my commitment to you if you choose to work with me as a buyer client.

Sharing of Knowledge and a Collaborative Approach

As a lifelong Hudson Valley resident I have a lot to share. I’m knowledgeable about the region—not only about the houses and the market, but the area’s history, towns, neighborhoods, communities and culture.

I will also help you determine your price range, and give you guidance on how to get pre-approval or pre-qualification for a mortgage.

Once We Know What You’re Looking For

Together we can begin your search, and the Internet is a powerful tool to help find and preview a vast array of properties. Please remember a real estate listing will never give you the full lowdown. (It’s an ad, after all.) Remember the First Rule of Real Estate: location, location, location. This is where my knowledge of the area can help you hone in on the details, and help you evaluate all the aspects of the home and surrounding community.

Beyond the Internet, I can search for properties and get more detailed information than will be available to you as a consumer. I can also give you access to listings you otherwise wouldn’t have via MLS (Multiple Listings Service), and for sale by owner properties as well. (While some agents offer “MLS searches” on their websites, it’s important to understand that there is no single MLS—what is usually offered are the listings from a single database.) My website allows you to search multiple databases in Ulster County and beyond.

Once you have identified potential properties, I can investigate and evaluate them in more detail.  Using the criteria we developed together, I can use my own knowledge of the property and additional informational resources to help you vet the list of potentials to properties we agree are worth your valuable time to view in person. In some cases, I can actually preview a property to better determine it fits your criteria.

Note: a buyer’s agent can provide these services to you whether the property is listed for sale on a local multiple listing service or for sale by owner

Viewing Properties

A picture is worth a thousand words, but actually seeing the place is priceless. You might fall in love on your first try (especially since your buyer’s broker has worked hard to present only properties that meet your standards), but usually, you’ll want to look at several places. Comparing several properties in person can be an important part of the process.

Going and looking at homes can be a lot of fun, but it can get very confusing as well.  I like to take my clients with me in my car when viewing listings because the trip is a valuable opportunity to point out relevant features of the area and the house itself — and how they do or don’t match what you’re looking for. Before we even pull into the driveway, we’ll have a good foundation to begin a realistic evaluation.

Once in the home, I can point out not only the things that meet your criteria (as a seller’s agent would) but things that may conflict with it. This will be helpful when determining whether you want to make an offer or not.

You’ve seen enough!

Once you’ve seen enough properties—whether your dream home has appeared on your first visit, or whether you’ve viewed several viable choices—I can help you evaluate each property with realistic pros and cons. Choosing a home is an emotional process, and by now, I’ll know what you want, and will help you focus on your real priorities, so that you can make an informed decision.

There is lot to evaluate once you find a property that interests you — hence the phrase “finding the property is just the beginning.”

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